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  • Sample Budget
  • Sample Income & Expense Statement
  • Accounting & Database Software
  • Accounting Codes
  • Articles See Article Archive under "Accounting"
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Article Archive
Over 1200 articles organized by category: Ask the HOA Expert, Communication, Developer, Financial, Giggles, Inspirational, Insurance, Legal, Living in Harmony, Maintenance, Management, Meetings, Quotes, Security and Teamwork.
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Ask the HOA Expert
Pose your most baffling HOA management questions by email and get an informed and objective answer from the HOA Expert.
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Attorney Databases
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Best Practices
  • Community Harmony & Spirit
  • Efficiency
  • Financial Operations
  • Governance
  • Green Communities
  • Reserve Study
  • Security
  • Strategic Planning
  • Transition from Developer
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Categories: Appraisal, Buying & Selling, Development, General, Governmental, Legal, Management, Meetings and Rule Making.
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Borrowing Money
Learn the secrets for getting bank financing for those large renovation projects. 
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Quick references to organize and prioritize tasks.
  • Developer Transition
  • Maintenance: Hurricane
  • Maintenance: Spring
  • Maintenance: Winterization
  • Management: Screening
  • Management: Key Indicators
  • Meeting: Annual Meeting
  • Meeting: Parliamentary Cheatsheet
  • Resale Disclosure:  HOA Buyer
  • Security
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Overview of the committee structure and suggested committees.
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Contractor Issues
  Identify qualified contractors.
  • Contractor Licensing Information
  • Contract Boilerplate Provisions
  • Contractor Screening Checklist
  • Form W-9 and IRS Instructions
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Cost Cutting
Numerous ways to significantly reduce your HOA's expenses.
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Developer Issues
  • Turnover Checklist   List of information that should be provided at turnover.
  • Articles   See Article Archive under "Developer"
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Discussion & Blogs
Pose questions or offer solutions.
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Adapt these form samples to your HOA's use:
  • Agenda  Sample of a Timed/Action Agenda
  • Architectural Change Request 
  • Facility Reservation Form  Generate additional income for the HOA
  • Collection Notice #1 
  • Collection Notice #2 
  • Collection Notice #3 
  • Proxy  Use the form that ensures a meeting quorum
  • Rule Violation Letter  Make your point in a professional and objective way to get compliance.
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A comprehensive list of HOA terms and their meanings.
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History of HOAs
They're older than you think.
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HOA Websites
  • HOA Website List   Sorted by location and graded for content.   Add yours to the list.
  • Recommended Content & Layout   Rating system to assist you in building an effective HOA website
  • HOA Website Service Providers  Website services designed for HOAs.
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Homeowner Advocacy
Learn from those that oppose the HOA concept.
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Insurance Issues
Choose the right insurance agent and coverage. 
  • Finding it at the right price  How to find the right HOA Insurance
  • Coverages  Explanation of different types of insurance
  • Articles   See Articles Archive under "Insurance
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In the News
Online HOA news and information sources.
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Manager Issues
Finding and keeping a good HOA manager takes planning, careful oversight and teamwork.  HOA management requires specific training and experience.  There are few that fit the bill so do your homework before hiring one.  
  • HOA Management Screening Checklist 
  • HOA Management Agreement    For professional managers   (ADDITIONAL CHARGE)
  • Directory of HOA Managers  Credentialed HOA managers by location
  • Selecting Professional HOA Management   What to look for in qualified candidates
  • Request for HOA Management Proposal  Specifications for apples to apples bids
  • Articles   See Article Archive under "Management"
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  • Agenda  Having the right agenda can make or break your meeting
  • Minutes  How to record meeting information.
  • Parliamentary Procedure   Process for running an orderly and productive meeting
  • Proxy   Critical component of running a successful annual meeting
  • Seating Options  Where you sit defines where you stand
  • Articles   See Article Archive under "Meetings"
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Newsletter Basics
Learn the essentials of a highly effective newsletter.
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Planning Tools
Proven HOA management strategies:
  • Annual Meeting Checklist
  • Areas of Responsibility  Separates responsibilities HOA vs. member.
  • Board Operations Manual  Critical information at the Board's  fingertips.
  • Contractor Screening Checklist  Get the best result by asking the right questions.
  • Fraud & Embezzlement Checklist  Proven methods for minimizing these problems.
  • Planning Calendar   One page schedule to track HOA events.
  • Record Retention Checklist   Keep records long enough to satisfy regulators.
  • Security Checklist  How to keep your HOA safe and secure.
  • Spring Checklist  Unbatten the hatches.
  • Winterization Checklist  Prepare for the coming storms.
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Policy Samples
  • Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR)   Settle conflicts quickly and cheaply
  • Architectural Design  Maintain consistent look and high standards
  • Areas of Responsibility  Assigns by component to either HOA or owner
  • Collection  Absolutely essential since the HOA can't function without money
  • Creation & Use of Resolutions  Formalizes use of the resolution process.
  • Insurance Deductible   Explains how HOA insurance deductibles are handled.
  • Mold   Defines the HOA's and owners' responsibility in remediation
  • Move In & Out Policy  Stay in control of moving action.
  • No Smoking  Restricts the impacts of second hand smoke in the common areas
  • Parking  Assigns parking and defines allowable vehicles
  • Pets   Defines what mix works best
  • Rental Restriction  How to limit the number of rentals in your HOA
  • Rental Prohibition  Eliminate all rentals from the HOA.
  • Reserve Funds Investment Policy   Don't invest without one.
  • Reserve Study & Funding  Holds the Board accountable to long range planning
  • Rules Enforcement   Enforcement, penalties and appeal process
  • Schedule of Fines   List of finable offenses, how much and how often
  • Signs   Limit the kind, size, location and time limit
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Resale Disclosure
A checklist of information that every HOA should have available for prospective buyers
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Reserve Planning

The indispensable plan for preventive maintenance, timely renovation and sustaining high property values with no special assessments. 

  • Reserve Planning & Funding Policy  Defines how, when and why
  • Reserve Study Component Checklist  The list is longer than you think it is
  • Reserve Study Q&A  FAQs about this important process
  • Reserve Study Tutorial  A step by step process
  • Reserve Terminology   Understand the buzzwords
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Resident Handbook
Essential information every resident should have on hand.
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Resolution Process
Effective alternative to amending the governing documents. 
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Resource Links
Hundreds of HOA resources sorted by topic.
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Software  HOA
Accounting, database and reserve study software
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se these specifications when getting bids:
  • Architectural Design Guidelines  
  • Good Neighbor Fence   Privacy, looks and durability at an affordable price.
  • Landscaping-Florida   For tropical climates.
  • Landscaping-Northern US   For northern climates.
  • Painting-Exterior   .
  • Paving-Asphalt-Overlay   How to renovate your asphalt. 
  • Paving-Asphalt-Sealcoat   How to waterproof your asphalt.
  • Pool-Closing  How to winterize the pool system.
  • Pool-Opening  How to de-winterize the pool system.
  • Tree Pruning   Arborist protocols and standards.
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  • Online HOA statutes for all 50 states and several countries. 
  • Federal regulations on Senior Communities
  • Satellite Dish Regulations
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Strategic Planning
Learn the facets and framework for effective long range planning.
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The Regenesis Report
Monthly newsletter with timely articles wrapped in a winning philosophy.  Considered by many the best HOA newsletter available anywhere.  All articles are stored in the Article Archive.
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The Regenesis Report Archive
The Regenesis Report is also available in PDF (Portable Document Format) which may be emailed to others, saved to a file folder and printed out.  Click Here to see a sample PDF newsletter.
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