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Thank you for  passing on such vital and important information that we can use.  Jackie Grant-Carter - Florida

I genuinely enjoy reading The Regenesis Report. Monika Goodwin - Arizona

The Regenesis  Report is a must read cover to cover every month.
Michael Gallagher - Oregon

You need to know just how helpful I found The Regenesis Report to be. I learned a lot from the monthly issue and frequently made copies of key parts for the other members of our board. Dale Stitt - Oregon

I love The Regenesis Report!!! Very useful information...I cannot wait to get next month's edition.  Jan Simon - Washington

Thank you for your contribution to better HOA management! Butch Elich - Colorado

I am most impressed with the content and communication tools of Regenesis.net!  Carol Clark - Deerfield Park HOA - Oregon

I can't sufficiently express what a valuable resource Regenesis is to me as a board member.  It is my "go-to expert" for all new issues where there are uncertainties.  Patricia Brown

Thank you for your contribution to better HOA management! Butch Elich - Colorado 

Thanks for sending your monthly newsletters.  They are very informative.  Gina Fristoe - Oregon

As a director and officer of a large HOA, I want to thank you for the great information you present each month. It is far better than the vast majority of legal and other seminars I have attended locally. Keep up the good work. Patrick - Oregon

I utilize The Regenesis Report in providing our board with information on HOAs.  It has proven to be invaluable.  Cindy - Texas

Thanks for the great publication and resource full of information. Dave Fjelstad - OAC Management - Colorado

I would like to say "thank you" for all your wonderful articles and good advice. I enjoy The Regenesis Report every month. Phyllis - Montair Village - Colorado

I appreciate receiving your newsletter. I make reference to it in my class on community association law at The John Marshall Law School. Evan McKenzie - Author of Privatopia: Homeowner Associations and the Rise of Residential Private Government

We are huge fans of The Regenesis Report at our office and love sharing it with our boards because it’s very homeowner friendly. Julia - Spectrum Properties - South Carolina 

I really appreciate The Regenesis Report. I use it to research and find out how other HOAs do things. Tony - Arizona

I appreciate your clear, succinct statements laid out in logical progression. Our board has gone "all wobbly" on enforcement and your articles would help them find their way. Sallie -Virginia

I really appreciate your service and website as it has been a valuable resource to our company. Steve Saaid - Keystone Property Management- North Carolina

Your columns and website are absolutely a must read for anyone living in an HOA! Jeri

In all of the information I read in regard to homeowner associations, I am most impressed with your articles. The fact that they are in layman's terms and easy to read and understand is so wonderful. Brenda Bejune - North Carolina

I love getting The Regenesis Report as I always find several good things for myself and my HOA. Lila - Oregon

The Regenesis Report is certainly one of the best if not the most informative and useful documents available. James Lennox - California

I appreciate all the great advice over the years. Bruce Clarey - Morris Management - Washington

Let me complement you on both the quantity and quality of The Regenesis Report. As president of our HOA, I find many of the articles very informative – sometimes shocking or cause for thought and concern. Please keep up the good work and keep me on your mailing list. Dean Herman - Bauer Oaks Homeowners Association - Oregon

I polled all our property managers regarding The Regenesis Report. 13 out of the 14 said they used it extensively. Vic Muller - Kirkpatrick Management Company - Indiana

I always enjoy receiving The Regenesis Report. I always learn something new with each issue. Kudos to all involved in putting it together. Tony Gustafson - Oregon

I love, love, love The Regenesis Report! It seems like you’re peering into our HOA every time you write it! Scott Simmons - Oregon

I find your newsletter and related information incredibly informative and very specific to our issues. Cindy Carr - HOA Manager - Texas

I love - LOVE - your newsletter! It has been a tool that has been of great value many times! Jacquie Loria - Arizona

Our HOA is really enjoying your web site. The information and advice there is extensive and crucial to our operation. Billie Reilly-Texas

I applaud your insight on this sparsely covered topic of HOA management. Michael Scipione-Montebello Village HOA-California

Your website and the archive of HOA articles is a treasure trove of information. Dennis Beasley-Eagle Village Owners Association-Colorado

Thank you for the numerous times you have saved my neck as a president of an association. Elda Bredehoft

As a former condo board president, I find your articles spot on! Keep up the excellent writing. Jason King - Condosites

I love your website. I use it often. Teri Wimmer - May Management Services, Inc. - Florida

I am so pleased with all the resources you provide. I am a testimony for that for sure! Rosie McGowan - Winter Haven Resort -Texas

The Regenesis Report is certainly one of the best if not the most informative and useful documents available. James Lennox - California

Our Board finds your newsletter and website very helpful. You provide an excellent resource and great advice for those of us serving a HOA! Susan Guyton-Townhome Village at Cedar Hills-Oregon

A big THANKS for all the help your website has provided. I use it frequently. Steve Saieed - Keystone Property Management -North Carolina

I am really enjoying the website and appreciate one stop shopping for HOA information. Lori Weber

Love The Regenesis Report. Thank you for including me in your list. Alyce M. Hill - Publisher New England Condominium Magazine

Thanks for sending me your newsletter. I look forward to it every month. Cindy Chandler - Mt Bachelor Village - Oregon

I have gained so much from the materials on your website. Nancy Carter - Stevens & Company - Virginia

I've come across your articles regarding homeowner association best practices, and I must say I think your work is fantastic...I know you've been a tremendous resource to many associations. Frank De Vincentis - Illinois

Your thoughtfulness around issues has allowed us to remain a community with all owners being heard and respected. Maureen Pender - Alberta, Canada

Your articles are, to say the least, informative, well written and pertinent.  Jane Whitley of HOAMCO - Arizona

I wanted to say how helpful your site has been to me. It is the best money I've spent in a long time. Jennifer Gartner

Thanks for being such a valuable resource for all of us amateur volunteers.  Mike Weinberg - California

I have been relying on Regenesis for insight and advice...which includes funneling Regenesis wisdom to the Board. Mary Gillett

Thank you for your website. As a member of the Board of Directors of a planned single-family home community, I have found your website and emails to be incredibly informative and helpful. We have used most of your tips in the preparation of our new website. Patience Thomas - Palm Lake Gardens Owners - Florida

I am a Gold Subscriber and find your website very helpful and informative. John Keating - Somerset Hills Condominium - Idaho

We appreciate your newsletter very much and find the info therein very useful. Kevin Frostad - Gresham Station Condominium - Oregon

After some extensive online research I have concluded that all roads lead to Regenesis.net when it comes to HOA questions. Rose Nia

I have so enjoyed reading your columns. They are the best I have ever seen on the issues of HOAs. Dawn Gatto-Florida

I enjoy your columns – they are both informative and interesting.  David May - Management One - Georgia

I have read The Regenesis Report provided to me by the association secretary. They have been so valuable. Joan Corcoran - Four Seasons Homeowners - Oregon

I cannot begin to thank you for your website and what it offers (for those willing to read & learn). Dave Ransom

Thank you for your input on my question. I appreciate your website and your help - both a wealth of information! Jessica Saylor - JES Management - Montana

I would like to thank you for all the great articles, resources, and inspiration offered on your website. I became a subscriber last year at the same time I joined the board for my condominium association. At that time, my community had no newsletter, no activities, a depleted reserve, and homeowner delinquencies totaling $43,000+. Now, in addition to a quarterly newsletter, we are having our first ever "community clean-up" day in two weeks, a community picnic is scheduled and we have money in our reserve fund. We hired a terrific attorney who has brought our delinquencies to less than $8,000! Delinquencies haven't been that low in years. Turning the delinquencies around has enabled our community to realize deferred maintenance. Thanks again for all the great information - it's a truly helpful tool. Trish Walsh - Maryland

I absolutely love your site! I've really found it to be indispensable in the past few weeks! Richard Moore - Virginia

Our Board is really benefiting from materials made available on Regenesis.net. Chris Toombs - Washington

Your site has already been extremely helpful to me as a brand new homeowner and HOA President. Shawna Benson - California

Keep up the excellent information! Alan Lisitz - New York

Thank you so much for your webpage. The information is definitely a lifesaver. Letty Romero - Pomero II Homeowners - Florida

Thanks for your help on the fence issue a few weeks ago. The problem is solved with your advice. Jerry Ferguson - Ohio

The guidance you provide is invaluable and I believe is a standard that all HOAs could benefit from following.  Diana Dobbs - Georgia

Thanks again for this invaluable service. This site and information is a literal gold mine. Any homeowner association not using it is handicapped." Ronald Parker

You have been a big help to me. You were there when I really needed more information that was almost impossible to find elsewhere on the net. Richard Miller - Arizona

I will be spending many hours reading the useful articles that are posted on your website. Thanks for the great info! Cathy Lawson - Ohio

Just wanted to comment on the excellent job you do with your website. It is a great resource for us as we are a self-managed association. Thomas Fisk - Minnesota

Great website and great service. After doing a great deal of surfing for information, I found your site to be head-and-shoulders above anything else out there.  Chuck Mooney - Texas

I really appreciate your site and all of the valuable information. Doug Morrison - Red Mountain Management - Arizona

I appreciate your quick response and think your website is a great resource. Sue Frankl - Coldwell Banker - Washington

I have long worked in the multi-family management field but am still learning the ropes regarding HOAs. Thank you for Regenesis.net. My subscription is proving invaluable in terms of helping to educate me. Jennifer Borland - California

It is miraculous how you see straight through to the issues. Nona Wiggins - Pennsylvania

Thanks so much for the newsletters. They are very helpful. Bill Washburn

Our thanks for all the work and time you put into The Regenesis Report and for all the helpful advice concerning HOA issues.  Dennis Potter - Oregon

Love your site and love the wonderful info it offers. Julie Stone - Glen Towers HOA

Your advice is very practical and "sane". Krysia Jacobs

I have enjoyed and referred often to your site for guidance. Keep up the great work! Bruce Clary Morris Management Inc. - Washington

You publish a most informative program with regards to HOAs. JoNell Moore

I promise to take your advice to heart. You have not steered me wrong yet! Diana Davis

I am a brand new Gold subscriber and have been pouring over the excellent information available on Regenesis.net. Elwin Mehlbrech - Illinois

I make good use of what you have available. Sandi McCalla - Morris Management

I enjoy your publication very much. It has really helped clear up many questions. Ron McCann - Indiana

I've found your columns to be a wealth of information. Kevin Petsche - Indiana

[Email sent to Realty Times]: Rich Thompson’s insights are always comforting and informative for this HOA newcomer. Thanks for publishing his work on the Web! [Response from Realty Times]: Thank YOU for appreciating his work. We certainly do, too. Blanche Evans, Editor - Realty Times

Your website is very useful. Diana Via - Lakeside Community Management - Virginia

I want to thank you for a great seminar. We were able to pick up some good information and contacts. Gary Schoos - Lotus Isle Homeowners - Oregon

We appreciate your words of encouragement and advice as well as the links to other HOAs and resources where we have found a wealth of information on every imaginable topic of concern for management and members. Chuck & Penne Ard - Concerned Property Owners of Meadowcrest - Florida

Our HOA enjoys and is informed by your articles. Rick Greendonner - Braden Crossings HOA - Florida

Thank goodness I discovered your web site! I quickly signed on at the gold level because of all the great information you provide! Lisa Holloway - Indiana

Thanks for the latest newsletter. It is always an enjoyable and informative read. Karrie Brenneman - Oregon

Great site and wonderful information. Frank C. Schmuck - Arizona

Your site is rich in useful information that I have made significant use of since joining. Terry Charest

Thank you again for your help. You have no idea how much I have learned from your site. Shanna Schlottman - Phoenix Property Management

Really appreciate your website. It's a godsend to all of us. Harvey Claussen

What a great resource! We (the developer) will be turning the association over to the owners soon. We have been sharing your info with them for many months. Mary Jo Harvey

Thank you for the geyser of information. As always, great details, and you don't candy coat it! This is the best money online I have ever spent. Diana Davis

Thanks so much for your speedy reply. Would that all services were as speedy! Joanne Doyle

Thank you for your articles. You have greatly facilitated my education as a condominium owner. Bill Dion - California

I find your site invaluable for articles, ideas, thought-starters and just good, old-fashioned common sense. I very much appreciate the time you must put in to make it so worthwhile. Mike Doyle

Your newsletters are terrific and I especially like where you draw your influence/guidance to principles in life and business. Jim Roberts - Homeowner in Florida

I really enjoy my membership to Regenesis.net. Rebekah Zahn - Neighborhood Alliance - Oklahoma

Your articles are great - very informative.  Robert Wilde - California

Your monthly newsletter provides much inspiration. What a wonderful source of information. WOW!!! Lynn Denton - Texas

I have found your website extremely helpful. Melissa Anne Maye - Attorney at Law - Illinois

I have recently started my own management company and believe sharing your wealth of information would greatly benefit the boards and homeowners I deal with.  Scott D. Smith - South Coast Property Management - California

I continue to be very impressed with your website and I am finding it to be a great resource of information. William Bosley - The Bosley Group - South Carolina

I'm a big fan of Regenesis. Irwin Bostian

I live in a self managed HOA and your website is the best! Sandy Stayrook - Ruscilli Real Estate Services - Ohio

Your advice and web site have been a great confirmation that I am not insane, that others have similar situations and that these can be resolved only by the truth, which you so willingly share. A million thanks. Ken Morse - Capitola Commons - California

I've printed out six of your articles for their thoughtful approach to problem-solving and the importance of looking at both sides of an issue and treating everyone with respect. The great thing about your articles is I can't figure out which side you're on. As a former journalist (USA Today), I feel qualified to say that you manage to be an objective voice of reason in the landmines of HOAs. Pam Gallagher         

The Regenesis Report is a very informative newsletter. Great job!! John L Smith - Senior VP - HOA Division - US Bank

I am the Treasurer of our Association and LOVE the advice you offer. I've found much in the way of good information regarding the benefits of HOAs. Just wish I had known about you before! Shelley Dearing - Washington

I have been looking at your website and you have wonderful information! Heather - Legends Condominium - Oregon

I've enjoyed and have learned so much from your articles at Realty Times and Regenesis. I'll keep learning more and more about HOAs from your excellent, expert writings! Fran Gariglio - North Carolina

I very much appreciate your expertise and feel really fortunate to have found your site. Your articles are so often geared to the exact issues we deal with at our complex. I am an avid reader and promoter of Regenesis. Thank you again for your good work. Your website is a real treasure.  Richard Miller - South Point Condominiums - Arizona

Rich, you are the best! Thank you for your immediate and clear-cut responses. What a resource! Jim Berkson - Chase Pacific Real Estate - California

Thanks for providing a valuable tool for us to use and make our association run as smoothly as possible. Aaron - Gleneagles HOA - Kentucky

I have decided to leave condo life but I have enjoyed your service and publication beyond measure. I will be recommending a subscription to Regenesis.net to those I leave behind. John K. Howe - Ohio

This is an awesome website. Keep up the good work. Betty Campbell - Ken Meade - Condo/HOA Management Services - Arizona

I have thoroughly enjoyed your many newsletters (The Regenesis Report) over the years. There is such a wealth of information at our fingertips. We also ordered your tapes and have used them in staff meetings and loaned them out to association board members. Ruth Barnes VP of Residential Services - Follman Properties

I am a real estate agent in Orange County California. Your articles are very good for me, offering me a lot of information to pass on to my buyers. Barrie

Thanks for this important tool for people involved in HOA and condominium management. Jorge Colon-Miranda San Juan, Puerto Rico

From what I read in your "What Others Say" section you are what I have been looking for the past two years that I have been on the Board of our HOA. Thank you so much. Sharon Koenig - Surfwood Villa HOA

Just came across Regenesis.net at RealtyTimes and was thrilled to find the HOA info we'd been searching for since joining a new community last year -- Thank you, thank you, thank you! Penne & Buddies

I want to thank you for your knowledge. As a new board member, I've gleaned much from not only Regenesis, but also from various articles you write for Realty Times. Mary Ann Miller - Parkview Meadows HOA

I can't tell you how often I refer to the website. Vic Muller - Kirkpatrick Management Company

I have felt what you offer is absolutely the best reference material available and I am grateful that I had it at my service. Thank you. Marry Gormally

I found your site last week and have been reading your articles non-stop! They are wonderful and have helped me to more fully understand the dynamics of an HOA and appreciate the advice on how one should conduct themselves as a volunteer and leader. Beth Brookhouser

Your service is invaluable to Board and Owners alike. Paul Carls

Keep up the good information.  We all appreciate it. Bill Oates - Northridge Park Homeowners Association

I greatly appreciate your newsletters...they are worth supporting. RG Miller - Arizona

Thank you very much for your rapid reply. I think your web page is extremely helpful! Annie Hansen

We enjoy your newsletter and website. Nicely done. Your newsletter is required reading for all of our attorneys. Tom Hindman, Attorney - Orten & Hindman

As the president of our condo association, The Regenesis Report has been an invaluable source of inspiration. My property manager and I are hooked. Ruth Pulker

I recently went to Barnes & Noble and ordered two books on HOAs. I gained more information in ten pages that you give away freely (The Regenesis Report) than from both of the books I read. Thank you for the information. It has been a life saver! Michael D. King - HOA in Tennessee

You have a great service here; it's worth every penny of my gold membership fee!  Stewart Sexton

I appreciate your information and feel your newsletter provides significant useful information. I am duplicating several of the pages, handing them out to Board members at our Board meeting and letting them know about the website!! Excellent resource! Theresa Addington - Scholls Village Condominium

I think your website is outstanding and I want to access all that I can with the Gold membership. I have indeed learned a lot from reading your articles and following the links. Vir Santos - Connecticut

First of all I would like to say, Wow! Great stuff! Thank you very much!!! Brent Lieb - Pennsylvania

I must tell you how valuable your newsletter and website is to me! I'm new to my homeowners association and working hard to help the Board understand that it has considerable fiscal responsibility to the organization. Basics like meeting minutes, following governing documents, budgeting and adequate maintenance of common facilities have not been a priority. I started a community newsletter and am now the Board Secretary, so at least we have minutes. Trying to make gentle changes. Thank you again for the wonderful resources you provide. Jennie Martin

I have used your information during the turnover period. Thanks for a very helpful website. Frank Zimmerman

Thank you for your wonderful source of knowledge. Paul Carls

Joining Regenesis.net is one of the best things I ever did and I look forward to renewing my membership later in the year.  It’s a real bargain and I commend you for all the time you devote. You are always prompt and giving of your support and advice. I have spent countless hours on your site and you have benefited our organization ten fold the cost of the membership. Steve Meyer - Board President

I love your website. There is so much useful information for an HOA and its board of directors. Wish you would write a book and include everything in one place. Barb - Texas

Regenesis.net is a fantastic website. Wisty Olsson - Antelope Hills HOA

Thank you for taking time to be a guest on the radio show, On the Commons. You have a good balanced view of HOAs and believe everyone should work together. Fred Fischer - Arizona

Thanks so much for including the ADR policy. It is very helpful. Elmer A. Guerri

Thank you for your consistent service and efforts this past year. You are a tremendous resource and advocate for anyone in our line of work. Keep up the good work. Don Peters - Peters & Company (HOA Management)

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