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Thank you for the wealth of information on your website. It is fantastic!  Leslie Gertner - Oregon

The Regenesis Report is wonderful. Very rich in helpful useful information in every issue. Lorry Christian - Oregon

I have found your newsletter, resources and philosophy extremely useful and interesting in educating me as a director. David Lyons - Florida

THANK YOU for your timely and accurate articles. Sometimes it’s nice to know that others experience the same frustrations and problems. I consider myself a fan. Monika - Arizona

You provide an excellent service and rate among the top 0.0009% as far as response time! Patti - Georgia

After extensive online research on the topic of homeowner association management, I have found that all roads lead to Regenesis. Rose

Your site has already been extremely helpful to me as a brand new homeowner and HOA President. Shawna - California

Your website is fantastic. I appreciate how much information is available and the easy to find format. Kim - Owl Creek Community

I want to thank you for the great service you are providing us. I quote you and your material numerous times in my efforts to convince people to do it the right way.  Dan Reeder - California

I've read only one edition of your newsletter and I found it terrific! I'm looking forward to reading it on a regular basis. Keep up the good work. Tommy Grimes - Leland Management - Florida

Your articles are always relevant, professional, appropriate and right on point. You provide a wonderful service. Margey Meyers - Associations Online Houston,Texas

Your articles have been very informative and helpful to me in my new role on a cooperative Board. Doug O'Donnell - Florida

I really enjoyed your article in CAI Fast Tracks about security in HOAs. Having served on a homeowner association board, your suggestions were very applicable. Tiffany Dominguez, Executive Director Utah Chapter-CAI

I am the real estate editor at AMACOM Books. I wanted to let you know that I have read some of your columns and thought they were great." Christina M. Parisi - AMACOM Books

I was very impressed reading your articles! You have a great sense of humor and are truly an expert in the HOA field. Kimberly Laten - Arizona
Keep up the great work. Your website is a wealth of great information. Mike Shipley - Virginia

Regenesis is proving to be extremely helpful. Janna Gestner

Your website has solved a lot of problems and given our HOA a world of info. Thanks for the help. Mary Ann Harrison

You have an excellent product. Thanks for past education. Peter Millington

Thanks for your wise guidance. Donna ThornburgI really liked your article, "HOA Pluralistic Ignorance", especially the line, "The rest mill around in the stockyard of apathy chewing their cud." Too funny and so true! Thanks for a great article. Phrog

You have certainly helped me with my presidency. Not only have I taken advantage of the policy and resolution samples, I often refer to your information at board meetings. Along with your help and my own experiences and a great property manager we now have an association that is almost running itself. Thanks! Patricia Hogg

Your website is so informative! It is a great learning tool! Thanks so much for all you do for HOAs! Janice

I picked up a number of great ideas from your seminar that I can put into action for our board. Thanks again for being such a great resource. Pat Hagen - Arranmore Homeowners - Oregon

I am a great fan of your highly informative articles on the internet. Thank you for all you do to keep members of the public like me better educated. Benita Anderson

I have referred your website to many of the Boards I work with. Many of my co-workers and Boards think your website is fantastic and full of useful information!  Erin Bottenberg - North Carolina

You've got a treasure trove of helpful information. Many thanks for all you do for us! Sharon Cranford - Whetstone Homes Corporation-Maryland

I've been President of our HOA for the past two years. I have found your website to be invaluable in carrying out my duties. Jeff Grimes - Central Park Homeowners - Michigan

Your columns and website are absolutely a must read for anyone living in an HOA! Jeri Potras

Your site is a very excellent resource for the HOA market. Thanks for your help throughout the year and we always welcome your assistance as a source for future stories. Debbie Estock - Editor - The Cooperator

I appreciate your getting back to me so quickly and succinctly.  Bob Gabriel

I’ve been reading your articles in Realty Times and find them very helpful. I don’t think there is anyone out there that knows more about HOAs than you." Ignacio Hernandez, Jr. - President - iHispanic Marketing Group

Your website information and frequent articles are GREAT...you clearly know what you are talking about with community associations. Bruce R. Inman Esq. Stein & Baydaline LLP

I appreciate Regenesis and the positive approach. Randy Holl - Lake Panorama Association - Iowa

The web site is a great learning tool and helped me get up to speed as a new board member. Aaron Sparks

I think the newsletter (The Regenesis Report) is very helpful and informative. Kerry Ann O'Halloran - Kohler Meyers O'Halloran - Oregon

The Regenesis Report is really full of such good information for what we are going through right now. How timely. Kate Halstead - Oregon

I wanted to commend you on your excellent website. I am a former website designer (now a writer), and I also support "giving back," so you've scored big with me!" Patricia Major

I just want to say as a board member it was a pleasure to know that I could always call upon you for information and ideas. Nona Wiggins

I truly enjoy your site and have always found it to be very helpful. Marsha Babineaux - Community Association Solutions - Texas

I learn a great deal reading your columns and share your wisdom with the GRI classes I am privileged to teach. Allen Wallerstein - New Jersey

The Regenesis Report is like a Bible in assisting with many problems in our condos. Catherine Datre - Connecticut

Thank you so much for what you do with Regenesis. I appreciate getting your updates and info. Erin Boden - Neighborhood News Web, Inc.

Just wanted to congratulate you and let you know your site is very informative and useful. Carolyn Clifton - Mallard Cove Condominium Association

I enjoy your site and the information it provides to those of us in the HOA industry. For those of us not familiar with construction methods this would be a great place to turn to for things to think about when replacing siding, replacing roofing, paving, the pros and cons of different types of materials etc. Carol Schlim - Community Association Services, Inc. - Raleigh NC

Thank you very much for this dispute resolution strategy. We're revising our documents and it's very timely. Marilyn Lane

The Regenesis Report has been of great value to some of us homeowners. Mike Cohen - New York City

Your advice the past couple of years has been invaluable to me, both regarding our website and as a homeowner. Carolyn Hall - North Pointe at Manskar Valley HOA

I'm thinking of buying a condo/townhome for the first time as an empty nester. Your columns have taken on new meaning for me. Blanche Evans, Publisher, Agent News Texas

Your website is important to my clients and to us. Rich Vial, Attorney - Vial Fotheringham LLP

Thank you for your informative articles and info. Timothy Moore

I have just been elected as Secretary of our brand new HOA. Your articles at Realty Times (reprinted from The Regenesis Report) are invaluable for guidance through what seems like a minefield. John Rodgers

Thank you very much for what you are doing to help HOAs to be better. Fred Fischer

Thanks for your web site. The Pres, VP and myself have read a lot of your material and I do believe it has helped us to see the seriousness of running a community. Our next step is to find a manager to help us do what we have neither the time or skills to do. Nalda Bendowsky

I will be accessing your site frequently and appreciate ALL the information you provide. Thanks so much! Roann Burge

I have thoroughly enjoyed your site and your information...Thank you so much for all of your valuable information. Lois Friedman

Just wanted to thank you for the information available in your monthly reports and the Regenesis site in general. Upon joining the Board, it seemed that most of the meetings were conducted with the same enthusiasm as having a root canal without anesthetic. In short, we just didn't know better and most of the efforts fell far short of their mark. Becoming familiar with your site, we can now comprehend a larger picture and our sights are placed on the results, rather than being mired in political controversy. Please keep up the good work on your site-it does matter! Marc Duval

Thanks for all the hard work you do. I have learned a lot through your website. Carla Duncan

I've been reading your articles over the last few months and find them extremely insightful. I feel infinitely more prepared for condo living having read them. Ed Cunningham - Los Angeles, California

Your website has been a big help with information for our board. We are a new board and all of us are new to running an HOA, so having this information on your site has given some really good direction...especially with the issues we face from the problems the developer has created. Eric Freeman

I appreciate your website and your good work. Judith Stringer

We enjoy Regenesis info; you are providing an excellent service. Richard Fehnel - Arranmore HOA - Oregon

I learn so much from your monthly reports. Thank you. Jo Wesley - California

I just wanted to thank you for all of the GREAT articles that address HOAs. What a blessing it is to have your articles as a resource! Francine Green - Realcomp II Ltd.

Thanks for doing an excellent job of communicating with your subscribers. Kim Fraser

You give great advice and I learn quite a bit from your answers. Michelle Canterbury - President of Sunset West HOA

"Thank You!" for sharing your wisdom and guidance of HOAs. I have viewed your website and articles over a year now. Undoubtedly, you have been instrumental in my desire to be involved in leadership of my HOA. Last night was our annual meeting and election of officers. I am now the President for 2003! I would never have considered this role without you! Roann Burge

I have looked at The Regenesis Report and am impressed with the valuable information it provides HOA Boards and Managers. Bob Jones SureChecks

I just wanted to say thanks for the great information on your website which I've used extensively to educate myself and the others in our new association.  Your philosophy is obviously based on a solid spiritual acceptance. I'm also on the local volunteer Fire Dept. and I couldn't help recognizing how much of your advice applies there as well. Greg Coleman - Montana

"Thank You" for your experience and expertise in the HOA field. It has been educational and extremely helpful to my husband and me. Thanks also for doing so much to help HOAs run more fairly and efficiently for all of us that live within them.  Sue Longfield

I am on the Board and your information has been very helpful and relevant as we are in the transition mode from developer to homeowners.  Darla Miller

Thanks for making your interesting and timely publication The Regenesis Report available to us. Christina Neil - President - Leighbrook Homeowners - Oregon

I am so thankful and fascinated by your site. Robert Hays - Board Member - Idaho

The new "PDF" file approach for The Regenesis Report is excellent! I especially like the fact that I can conveniently forward it on to other interested colleagues. Keep up the good work. Chris Desmond

As always, thank you for your articles. I get a lot more information at a much better price than with Community Association Institute. Randy Blackburn - Community Manager - San Antonio TX

I have read a couple of articles that you have written and they are excellent. Scott Oakley - Executive VP Connecting Neighbors.com.

Not only do I appreciate all the invaluable materials in your newsletter, I immediately picked up on the "eternal principles." They have been great tools in reaching out to others with your resource material and the message of God's Plan.  Thank you for being faithful to your convictions and producing a useful and quality newsletter.  Cheryl Allen - Falcon Ridge Neighborhood Association

Regenesis.net has propelled me from total ignorance to reasonable confidence. I enjoy your monthly report and disseminate the valuable info to my neighbors in our bi-monthly newsletter. Jonathan Wong

Thanks for your prompt response to my emails. Your site has been a big help to our small 18 unit building.  Lisa Culp

Thanks for getting back to me so quickly. Great online customer service is hard to find these days and it says a lot about your company!  Charles L. Simpson - Simpson Management

Thank you for your wonderful website. Karen Martinkovic

The Regenesis Report contains valuable information and remains a real tool in my limited library of information...keep up the good work. Stan Stuttaford - General Manager of McNary Estates Homeowners Association

I enjoy reading your articles as they are very concise and to the point. Lori Pershing

I've been a fan of your website for a long time and have now joined at the Gold level. The information you've gathered is very helpful. Keep up the good work!  William Herder

It's a wonderful website. And thank you so much for the "Giggles". I came across those after hours of reading the things that must be changed within our Association.  Ann Vinson

Over the years your site has been very helpful. Keep up the good work. Randy Blackburn

You are doing a great job. The website is easy to use and the articles simple, understandable and applicable. Good work. Nalda Bendowsky

As a LCAM (Licensed Community Association Manager) in Florida, your site has been a great help as a source of information and also providing a view different from what I initially had. Don Blevins

The Regenesis Report is read by all of our board members. Your newsletter has been invaluable!  Ellen Fox- President, Woodbrook Condominium

Your website has a wealth of information. I'm sorry we didn't join sooner! Claudia Peabody - Binford Condo Association

Thank you for the numerous articles you have written regarding HOAs. I find them very informative. Luis Fuentes - Austin TX

Thanks for a tremendous publication (The Regenesis Report)  Tom Spaulding

"The Board" video is absolutely excellent! I would recommend it to anyone and will pass it around our board. It will be a good tool to hand off to a new board member as they assume their duty. Joe Schoen, Treasurer - Arranmore Homeowners

I have found your website very helpful and full of great information. Tom Bond, Board President - Rollingview HOA

I have read several of your articles concerning homeowners associations and found them to contain excellent advice. Kristen Marie

I'm glad I found Regenesis.net. It has provided me with some super resources!  Eric Stegmeyer - Autumn Park Homeowners

The Regenesis Report is a wonderful newsletter. There is always at least one valuable and timely article.  Janet Martin, Treasurer - Carlin HOA

THANK YOU! I am president of a Connecticut Homeowner's association and found your articles to be EXCELLENT and a big help to me.  Richard Adams

As a new member to both Regenesis.net and the BOD, I am enjoying your web site and find it resourceful. William Deane

Your site is an excellent source of information that I have used to clarify issues and direct some of my actions as president of the association. Your approach is simple, straightforward, and seems to be based in the Golden Rule.  Laura Gonzalez

I enjoy your site. It's been a great help to me since I manage a 48 unit complex by the seat of my pants. Anyway, your site is one of my security blankets and I appreciate that you are there. Thanks again. Betty Morris

Thank you so much for your timely articles written in a clear, concise fashion. I've found a wealth of information and, at times, inspiration. The internet is a great tool for empowering individuals. Thank you for being a part of that empowerment. Claire Parker

You have helped me in many ways.  Katherine Smith

I love your website for it drives my HOA board absolutely bonkers where and how I come up with the ideas they have so easily overlooked. Bette Crawford

Thanks for all of you helpful advice. Your articles have helped me tremendously and I do appreciate it. Ruby Dionne

I have found Regenesis.net to be an exceptional resource.  The information compiled is extensive, objective, accurate and immediately useful. I recommend it to all who live and work in homeowner association environments. Timothy Swallow, Fairway Crossing HOA, Southgate KY

I am extremely active in townhome management and found your site highly informative. What a wonderful resource option. Keep up the fantastic work. Laura Dobozenski

It's a great site and resource for anyone.  William Deane

I find your advice and articles invaluable info for us community managers. Florencia Suarez

This has been a great web site for me to find answers to many different questions and to also get your expert assistance. Karen Anderson

A quick note to thank you for your section concerning Insurance. It is very useful, well written and came in handy.  Betsy Perk

What a help this website has been!  Jill Curry

Thank you for your sage advice. Kathy Loftman

Your site is very helpful - thank you for all the good info. Sharon Wickersham

I am a loyal fan and have saved your HOA columns for future reference by our Association.  Your comments and answers to questions are really straight forward!  No ifs, ands or buts except where absolutely required. Bill Oates

Thank you very much for your web site, I have found many useful items. LaTisha Kruger

I really think you have a lot of good information to pass along. Donna Tabor

Keep up the good work. Your newsletter helps me every time I read it. Gretchen Kusko

I just received a copy of The Regenesis Report and was MOST IMPRESSED with the information and content. What a help for HOA Board members!  Bob Miller

Congratulations on your wonderful website.  Alain Silverton-Paris France

Your responses were very helpful and your assistance has been much appreciated! Homeowners don't have many places to turn when faced with such issues.  Judy Orchard

You are doing a good job educating us dummies. Bob Mann

Just came across your site and am thrilled at the amount of information for HOA members. Thanks!  Michael Somers

I am a loyal reader of your website. Don Disbro - Professional Community Management
Love your website. Pam McKuen - Real Estate Reporter - Chicago Tribune
Throughout my extensive internet travels for homeowner association information, Regenesis.net is the best source of information that I have yet to find!  Lauren Bush - Cypress Hollow HOA

I am very impressed with all the information and the variety of links you have provided. There is a tremendous amount of information...I have bookmarked your page and will be visiting it often. Jason Alexander

Thanks a ZILLION for your advice. Daisy ChinYou are my HOA guru!!! Lauren Bush - Cypress Hollow Association

Your uplifting words of wisdom have been an inspiration for me. Ken Morse - Capitola Del Mar HOA

Thank you for providing all your valuable reports, information and links. NGAMAMA27@aol.com

I wanted to tell you what a great website you have. It is very informative and easy to navigate. Keep up the good work. Jeanne Levrier

Thank you very much for your help and advice. You certainly render a wonderful service. M. Fox

Thanks to the many great articles and links to helpful sites of Regenesis.net, I was able to knowledgeably research issues that have plagued my HOA for years. Armed with facts and a proposal for change, I bonded with and gathered many supporters. I have encouraged all my fellow homeowners to have their own Regenesis.net experience! As for me, I plan to continue turning to Regenesis over and over again.  Genie Geer - Texas

My thanks and appreciation for the continuing excellence of your coverage of HOAs.  Eleanor Donnelly - New Jersey

You have a great website. Very informative and interesting reading.  John Balda - Realtor, CRS, GRI, PMI 

I value the information I receive from your site very much. It's been an asset too since I serve on the board of an HOA. Charlie Tiano

I really enjoy your site. I used your ideas for proxies and If I hadn't, we would not have been able to have a valid election. Thanks!  Kathryn de Vries Sec/Treas WHHO.

Your material is excellent.  Karen Hone-Executive Director - Rocky Mountain Chapter of Community Associations Institute - Colorado

Thank you so much for being there. Your website is awesome. Barb Gianos - Board President

Thank you very much for The Regenesis Report. It has provided very valuable information and has been of excellent help in my work. Stig Annestrand - Property Manager - Oregon

Thank you for the wonderful website, I have learned so much from it. Elizabeth Reynolds - President Wind River HOA

Your web site is a great source of information. James A Hayes - President, Park Del Mar HOA

I'm a home owner in a PUD. I read your articles and they are a life saver!  Gary Weber

An attorney friend of mine introduced me to your web-site and I love it! I am the president of our loft conversion condo association just north of Milwaukee's downtown. Mary Kay Buratto

I enjoy receiving your articles and your web page is in my "Favorites". Too bad I don't have a "MOST FAVORITES" spot. I don't want to miss anything.  Patricia Hogg

I greatly enjoy your newsletters and website. Thank you for the excellent resources. Timothy Baker - Riverhouse HOA 

Thank you for the great insight and expeditious response. Carl Taylor

I enjoy what you have written and use your site all the time for information. Judy Voss

Regenesis.net was like a "find from Heaven". We refer to it on almost a daily basis. Board Member - Moab Utah

You have truly created a great reference. Paul - Pacifica CA

Regenesis.net is the best website for condo owners, managers and Boards on the web. Even better than CAI's website, as it seems to have more practical suggestions, tips, and advice that we can readily follow in daily management. Your suggestions have already saved our Association considerable money and grief.   Forrest Hill

What a great site!! Terrific layout, philosophy and pertinent information. HOA HomeownerWe love your site! It has been extremely helpful and very informative.  Marcy Kravit - Bermuda Springs Maintenance Association.

How could homeowner associations eliminate 95% of their problems quickly? Answer: Simply, make your web site "required" reading for all association BOD members! I really believe your continual improvement and additions to your site have made it that good. Keith Wallace

What a wonderful newsletter and service you provide! Mary Jo Harvey

It's rare that online requests for information have been responded to so quickly and succinctly, if at all. We very much appreciate your help. Carol Jurich - Nebraska HOA

You have a great website Rob Seversen, Professional Engineer - Canada.

You provide a very comprehensive and concise format in which to review articles and summations of interest as related to HOA's. Andy McComas

I always enjoy the content and always learn some new thing. Dave Whitener - President of CAI Washington Chapter

I am working on one of our new home development projects. I love your website. It is excellent!  Nicole Klenak Security Properties, Inc.

I am a real estate professional in the Pacific Northwest specializing in condominiums. I respect and appreciate your expertise regarding homeowners associations. Kirk Blevins - Washington

Your website is providing a wealth of helpful information. Your "Harmony Articles" are absolutely inspiring and gave me great hope. I am eager to share your wonderful resource with my HOA members. Genie Geer - Rosser Park HOA - Dallas, Texas

I am an appraiser & consultant. Great website & tons of good information.  Frank - Houston TX

First, just a note to tell you that you provide a wonderful service.  You have helped me out tremendously with regards to our Board of Directors on several occasions.  Sandy

I read your website nearly every week and I have learned so much, it's incredible. Catherine Jensen

You don't know how much I appreciate your website! I have been reading your articles on meetings and dealing with difficult people. The advice you offered should prove useful. Thanks again! Debbie Hamilton

What can I say...I am impressed! Your suggestions for a Board Operations Manual are great and cover all the bases! Every item that you mentioned is important to our association, and undoubtedly most others. Lauren Bush

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